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IDIA Capital Investissement covers the private equity minority investment activities of Crédit Agricole S.A. and supports mid-caps and SMEs in all business sectors.

Our aim: to be an expert investor

We support SMEs and mid-caps with our investment solutions and the expertise of our teams. We are mainly active in agrifood, wine-making, land and forestry groups, health and tourism, as well as in the energy transition and agriculture. We aim to contribute actively and sustainably in this way to the dynamism and development of the French regions.

Our purpose is to be a responsible investor that acts every day in the interests of our customers and society
As promoters of the mutualist and cooperative values and spirit of Crédit Agricole, we believe that the performance of companies should be embodied in the real economy, in the service of people and shared development. This is why our commitment to the sustainable development of SMEs and mid-caps also means standing alongside them to define and roll out social and environmental responsibility criteria. We strongly believe that sustainable development cannot occur if all of these criteria are not taken into consideration.

1,8billion of assets under management (including funds of funds)
80 companies in the portfolio
28 staff on permanent contracts
Stack of hands showing unity

« I believe that sharing common values within a group brings its employees togethe »

Anne-Caroline Pace-Tuffery, Executive Director of IDIA Capital Investissement
Campus Evergreen

Our commitment: To be a responsible employer

At IDIA Capital Investissement we apply a responsible employer policy. We pay attention to the skills development of our staff and invest in their ongoing training. We offer them the option of working from home. Every year, we measure the satisfaction of our teams through a survey, in order to identify strong points and areas for improvement.

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