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Would you like to do meaningful work and be useful to society? Make the choice of being a key real estate player and join Crédit Agricole Immobilier. We are expanding rapidly and we want to grow with you.
We help our customers – individuals, businesses and local authorities – with all their real estate needs, including construction, management and property transactions. We want to be their trusted partner, conducting projects for regions and individuals across all real estate markets, including offices, housing and urban planning.
We aim to be a key player in the real estate of the future. To do this, we have made a long-term commitment to constructing buildings that respect the environment and save energy, including urban agriculture. To breath life into the regions, we offer personalised solutions that adapt to new habits and support change in the regions.

825 employees
58% women and 42% men
86% of staff received training in 2019 (in addition to regulatory training

"Real estate is a job for enthusiasts! We all have the same passion: staff, managers and HR. We nurture the skills of each person by training them, entrusting them with rewarding tasks and new challenges and helping them to progress regularly. Our leitmotiv is growing together."

Nicole Fiorentino, Lead Manager for Recruitment and Career Management at CA Immobilier

Our commitments

We put people at the heart of our strategy. Our aim is to integrate, develop and foster loyalty:

  • We will follow you closely throughout your career, providing support with integration, career management, training and professional development.
  • We support departments with their organisational challenges and managers with the development of their teams.
  • We encourage social dialogue.

Faced with environmental, energy, social and health issues, we are committed on a daily basis to always combining our economic impact with a virtuous effect on society. We innovate to evolve real estate practices.

Since our creation, our CSR policy has positioned us as a company that makes a real contribution, serving ever more sustainable cities.
Operations managers, building managers, rental advisors, property managers: our employees have the same commitment to customer satisfaction and the usefulness of the projects they support.


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