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Trusted real estate expert

As a subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group, we support our individual customers, companies and public authorities in their real estate projects throughout the country by ensuring that we respect 3 founding principles:

  • Sustainability and performance of buildings
  • Respect for the environment and decarbonisation
  • Inclusion and social cohesion


At the service of all real estate projects

Through all our expertise, we meet the needs of all our customers and are present at every stage of their real estate journey.

For individuals:

  • Housing development
  • Transaction
  • Rental
  • Rental management
  • Condominium management
  • Renovation


For businesses:

  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Commercial development
  • Restructuring and renovation
  • Spatial planning
  • Property management
  • Operating real estate


For public authorities:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Urban planning


Study, advise, build, manage, operate … we lead real estate projects from A to Z

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"Real estate is a job for enthusiasts! We all have the same passion: staff, managers and HR. We nurture the skills of each person by training them, entrusting them with rewarding tasks and new challenges and helping them to progress regularly. Our leitmotiv is growing together."

Nicole Fiorentino, Lead Manager for Recruitment and Career Management at CA Immobilier

Our commitments

Committed to our employees, we support them throughout their career in their professional development and on a day-to-day basis within their position.

Listening and support are the drivers of our ambition, we collectively orient our managerial evolution towards a strengthened trust and an empowering working environment.

Because People are the heart of our considerations, we cultivate a diversity of profiles within our businesses that make the wealth of our company, allowing the development of a united collective.

To develop our social responsibility, in 2023, we have made 6 commitments as an employer:

  • Offer multiple opportunities
  • Share value creation
  • Commit to young people and cultivate our diversity
  • Offer an attractive and safe working environment
  • Participate in social progress
  • Train our employees and develop our collective
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