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Are you looking for a job in France or abroad? We have operations everywhere!

With our 39 Regional Banks, our two campuses in the Paris region and the 46 countries in which we operate.

Career opportunities have no borders…
  • The Evergreen Campus in Montrouge (92)

    Most of our subsidiaries are grouped together in Montrouge, just outside Paris. Our campus is spread over eight hectares, half of which have been preserved to create a huge Japanese-style garden that respects biodiversity. The head office of the “green bank” was one of the first sites in France to obtain the BiodiverCity® Life label.

    The SQY Park Campus (department of Yvelines)

    Located in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, in the Paris region, our Campus houses 4,800 employees from five entities, including 2000 from CACIB. SQY PARK is a benchmark campus in the fields of IT and operations. We organise many events there (conferences, original presentations, etc.) that showcase technological innovations

  • The 39 Regional Banks and its subsidiaries

    • The 39 Regional Banks and its subsidiaries
    • The Crédit Agricole Regional Banks: independent co-operative and mutual banks located all over France
    • Crédit Agricole Technologies & Services: a partner IT company of the 39 Regional Banks
    • Crédit Agricole Titres: France’s leading custody and account-keeping company
    • IFCAM: Corporate university of the Crédit Agricole Group
    • To discover job opportunities in the Regional Banks and its subsidiaries, go to the dedicated recruitment website
  • Morocco

    In Morocco, we have developed operations in retail banking, consumer credit, corporate investment banking and asset management with: Crédit du Maroc, Wafasalf, Wafa Gestion, Crédit du Maroc Leasing and Amundi.

    We are also present in:
    Algeria and Egypt
  • United States

    We are present in many cities – Chicago, Houston, New York and Miami – through our corporate investment banking, asset management and private banking with our subsidiaries Amundi and CA Indosuez. CACIB is established mainly in New York, Chicago and Houston. Its relations with its American and international clients are based on its ability to offer differentiated and competitive products.


    We operate in the corporate and investment banking (CACIB) and asset management (Amundi and CACEIS) sectors.

  • Brazil

    Our operations are in the corporate and investment banking and private banking sectors. Our brands in Brazil are CACEIS, CA Indosuez and CACIB, which offers solutions adapted to the local market and enables major Brazilian companies, financial institutions and international clients to access the broad range of products and services offered by the entire network.

    We are also present in:
    Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina
  • Honk-Kong

    With Amundi, CACEIS, Crédit Agricole Asia Shipfinance Limited and CACIB, our Asian operations comprise large clients, asset management, private banking and corporate and investment banking. CACIB has been present in Hong Kong since 1894 and is one of its oldest banks. It offers a full range of capital market, structured financing and commercial banking services. CACIB’s Asian syndication team is regularly recognised as among the first five arrangers in the Asia-Pacific region, thus confirming its position as leader on the market.


    Our operations in India cover corporate and investment banking and asset management, with SBI Funds MGT Bombay, SG Asia Holdings India and CACIB.


    Our activities in Singapore are corporate and investment banking, asset management and private banking, with Amundi, CA Indosuez and CACIB. CACIB has been established in Singapore for more than 100 years and offers international commodity producers and importers a wide range of products and services in the area of corporate and investment banking, interest rate products, structured financing and international trade financing

    We also have operations in:
    China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan
  • Germany

    We have been present there for many years in all our business lines: asset management, large clients, consumer credit, corporate and investment banking, and financing for businesses and professionals. This enables us to offer a broad and integrated range of services for all economic players that makes full use of synergies with Amundi, CACEIS, Credit Plus Bank AG, Eurofactor AG and CACIB.


    We have been active in this country for many years now and across the entire spectrum of activities: commercial banking, consumer credit, corporate and investment banking, asset management, insurance and services dedicated to high net worth individuals. Our broad and integrated offering benefits all economic players and fully exploits synergies. Our brands in Italy are Crédit Agricole CIB, Crédit Agricole Italia S.P.A., Agos Ducato, FGA Capital, Eurofactor Italie, Crédit Agricole Leasing, Amundi, CACEIS and CA Indosuez.


    We cover many areas such as asset management, large clients, insurance, corporate and investment banking and private banking. Our brands are: Amundi, CACEIS, Crédit Agricole Life Insurance, CA Indosuez Wealth and CACIB.

    We are also present in:
    Austria, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates

    In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we operate in the asset management and corporate and investment banking sectors with CA Indosuez SA and CACIB. CACIB was one of the first foreign banks to set up operations in the Middle East and North Africa. Forty years of presence in the region have enabled it to forge strong relationships with its clients.

    We are also present in Lebanon
  • Australia

    We are established in the corporate and investment banking sector in Sydney with CACIB.

    New Caledonia

    We are present in the private banking sector with CA Indosuez.