Have you just completed your studies? Are you now on the job market, looking for your first job?

We have opportunities for you!


As a leading banking Group, we’re always hiring new graduates in all our activities and in all our companies.

Retail banking, corporate and investment banking, asset management, insurance, financial services or support functions such as information systems, statistics and Big Data, marketing and human resources: with us, you’ll find a wide variety of jobs, in France or on the international market.

So many opportunities to shape your professional project and start your career on the right foot!

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First of all, prepare your professional project

Before you apply, think precisely about what you want to do based on your skills and aptitudes, your strengths and weaknesses. We encourage you to talk to people around you, whether family, friends or former internship colleagues. Ask them about their job, their career path, etc. This will help you plan ahead and understand which jobs might be right for you, and during your interview, you’ll know better how to boost your profile and, quite simply, to sell yourself.

For more information and to facilitate your search, remember to:

  • Attend the trade fairs and forums where we are present. You’ll be able to talk with us and learn more about our Group and our professions
  • Complete your profile on the professional social network, LinkedIn. We consult it frequently to recruit our future employees and use it to publish our job offers. You will also be able to maintain the professional relations that you develop during the various trade fairs and forums
  • Think of co-optation: maybe you have met a lecturer, been in contact with an alumni association, or you know someone close to you who is connected to one of our employees. Or maybe you have already done an internship or a summer job with us? Let your contacts know that you’re looking for a job!


Next, target the offers that correspond to your professional project

Now that you have defined your professional project based on your skills, your profile and the various discussions with professionals, select the positions and sectors that suit you best. Go to our website to see the jobs. Think also about where you would like to work: in the Paris region, in the other regions or outside France? We have operations in the regions and in many countries.

Write your CV.

You must now transform your qualifications into skills! This is a difficult but necessary exercise: just lining up degrees, experiences and activities is not enough. Don’t hesitate to illustrate your information with concrete examples that correspond to the expectations specified in the job offer. Your CV must be clear, attractive and tailored to the offer. The more precise, low-key and compact it is, the better! And especially watch out for spelling mistakes…

Prepare your job interview

Before you come to promote your skills in front of our recruiters, remember to find out more about us. Find out all the information you can on our sites or from family and friends: our business, our international influence and our competitors. Prepare a few relevant questions to ask us that will show us your motivation and your desire to come to us!

Be flexible

Be open, adaptable and mobile For example, don’t refuse a temporary assignment or a fixed-term contract too quickly, this can be a good way of accumulating experience. Regarding remuneration, think carefully about what you are prepared to accept, knowing that this first experience can help you to better value yourself afterwards.

Express your motivation

This is your greatest asset compared to more experienced candidates. Remember to personalise your application and follow up on it: keep a dashboard listing all the steps you have taken. In this way, you’ll be able to call us back if you have not received an answer after seven or ten days. And each time, don’t forget to thank your interviewers for their time.

However long your job search may take, don’t lose faith. Remain professional, determined and positive!

Ready…! Apply 😄