From your induction to your career development… We are here to advise, assist and train you at each stage of your career.

When you join the Group, you’ll realise that there is no predefined career path. Each one of you will be able to shape the direction you want your career to take and we will be there to support you …

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Your induction

Each year, many of you join us, whether as students, graduates or experienced professionals…

  • To welcome you on your first day, you can count on your manager who will assist you in taking up your position and integrate you into the life of the team and the company.
  • Your Human Resources Manager will follow you, from the administrative procedures for taking up your position to your induction, and will then will guide you in your professional development.
  • Each company in the Group organises activities within its scope to ensure your quick and efficient integration into our company: an induction day in a warm and friendly atmosphere, the welcome booklet, which contains practical information, etc.

Your training

We are aware that job contents are changing rapidly. New jobs are emerging while others are changing. We are committed to the lifelong development of skills, which is essential for your employability and career development.

+81k employees trained
+2,3M million hours of training given
+11k mobilities

We have always considered the training and mobility of our employees as essential levers for the development of individual and collective skills.

To support each of you in the development of your skills, we focus on 3 key areas:

  • Deploying an environment and a culture conducive to the development of knowledge to promote the sustainable employability of each employee
  • Encouraging the continuous development of your skills through permanent adaptation to face the transformation of our professions.
  • Supporting the acquisition of new skills and anticipating change

Your development

In a world of rapidly changing skills and professions, we believe that internal mobility is a major lever for career development. This is why we give you the opportunity to become the driving force behind your own development within your company, for the benefit of all the Group companies in France and abroad.

We encourage you to take the initiative in your choices and your career by providing you with a trust-driven environment.

To do this, our internal mobility systems draw on:

  •  job offers, thanks to a dedicated application and recurring mobility events
  • “rules of the game” for smooth and transparent mobility
  •  a toolbox

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Career Pass

This service dedicated to mobility develops and creates links between our HR network and all the tools at your disposal. It enables employees to find, implement and make the most of the various systems. With the Career Pass, you gain in employability throughout your career.


This tool is used by all our entities. More than 500 HR experts use it to manage their in-house recruitment and you can use it to explore all the opportunities in the Group.


This day dedicated to mobility is organised once a year. It enables you to discover the various opportunities and professions in the Group. During the event, you can attend business conferences, professional development sessions, individual or collective LinkedIn and HR workshops, where you can talk with managers and HR players.


These monthly conferences are interactive and collective. They can be live or virtual. Their aim is to give you a better understanding of the Group, its companies and businesses, as well as the rules of mobility and the procedures for preparing for it.


To embark on a successful professional mobility process, you must be fully aware of your strengths, achievements and aspirations. With this support tool, you can prepare for all the stages of the mobility process. This digital solution proposes a combination of videos and practical exercises to enable you to think about your successes, motivations and skills and to capitalise on your experiences. You can also practice how to present yourself and activate your networks.

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