holiday job

Each year we offer you the opportunity to acquire an initial work experience during your holidays. Come and join us! We need you to ensure our business continuity.

Why join us in the summer?

Are you interested in the world of banking, finance, savings or insurance? Then apply for job with us next summer! You will be able to use this experience when you look for your first job. Young people who work during their holidays find it easier to get a job, and often a better paid one.

Earn money !
Earn money !

The summer job is a good way to be financially independent. You learn to manage your money for a future project or simply for your next vacation!

Get some experience and fine-tune your professional goals
Get some experience and fine-tune your professional goals

Summer jobs offer work experience that you can put on your CV and which might make a difference when you enter the job market. They will also enable you to better understand the world of work and test different professions.

Keep up the pace
Keep up the pace

When you continue to work during the summer, you don't lose your momentum and you will be ready for the start of the new school year. You will be the most efficient in your class!


To apply, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have a student ID card
  • undertake to continue your studies the following academic year


You’ll find job offers in the “Apply” section, in the area dedicated to “Holiday jobs” or “Student jobs”.

Complete your profile and attach a CV and covering letter. In your CV, state your level of studies, your experiences, language skills, computer skills, etc.