Join us to discover the diversity of our professions. Your internship, which is compulsory, is part of your individual career orientation and discovery of the economic and professional world (Pathway for the future (Parcours AVENIR)). It is an important time for you, and we would like to contribute…😊

Why join us?

If you’re a student from a priority education network or a reinforced priority education network (REP+ and REP), at Crédit Agricole, you will develop your desire to learn and will discover new skills and aptitudes.

We are committed to promoting equal opportunity and we encourage the inclusion of young people.

You’ll be assigned to a tutor in one of our companies.

Each company offers a tailored week-long programme that combines group time with the other trainees and workshops run by professionals. You will learn such things as how to write your CV or your internship report and enhance your social networks. With your tutor, you will discover the diversity of our profession and career paths of our employees. We are all mobilised to welcome you!

422 intern-tutor pairs in 2023
26 partner schools
100 professions and more to discover
3 associations that helped us: Viens Voir Mon Taf, Un Stage Et Après et Tous en Stage


For students: internships are “useful” as they are able to “discover the world of work”, to “think positively about their professional future.”

For teachers: “This action is very real, tangible.” “Discovering a very different environment compared to high school is a positive experience for students.” “It is great for equal opportunities and the integration of young people.”

For tutors: “More than just testing out a company, internships are a bonus for both young people and our teams as we open up to new perspectives and learn from each other in different ways.”

An internship supervisor

You will be assigned a supervisor based on your professional objective. This will give you the opportunity to discover a profession and to confirm or disprove your choice of career!

A programme tailored for discovery

Our teams have put together a programme for you to discover the company as a whole: tour of the premises, discovery workshops, career days, challenges, etc.