Join us to discover the diversity of our professions. Your internship, which is compulsory, is part of your individual career orientation and discovery of the economic and professional world (Pathway for the future (Parcours AVENIR)). It is an important time for you, and we would like to contribute…😊

Why join us?

If you’re a student from a priority education network or a reinforced priority education network (REP+ and REP), at Crédit Agricole, you will develop your desire to learn and will discover new skills and aptitudes.

We are committed to promoting equal opportunity and we encourage the inclusion of young people.

You’ll be assigned to a tutor in one of our companies.

Each company offers a tailored week-long programme that combines group time with the other trainees and workshops run by professionals. You will learn such things as how to write your CV or your internship report and enhance your social networks. With your tutor, you will discover the diversity of our profession and career paths of our employees. We are all mobilised to welcome you!

300 intern-tutor pairs in 2019
4.5/5 is the very positive score that our students gave for their internship
12 partner schools
100 professions and more to discover
2 associations that helped us: ViensVoirMontTaf and Un Stage Et Après

Bénédicte Chrétien, HR Director, Crédit Agricole S.A. group, Eric Campos CSR Director and a secondary school intern answer our questions....

What did you take away from this experience?

Kossi Assimpah, Headmaster of Collège Paul Cézanne in Mantes-la-Jolie:

This internship is really useful because it aims to broaden the general civic culture of students by having them discover an environment that is far removed from the school environment. The concrete realities of work breaks down certain prejudices.

Diane Ringeval, Social Media Manager at LCL and tutor of a final-year middle school student:

Over and above helping them in their first steps in the company, what I have learnt is that this experience has taught my team and me a lot. They impressed me with their questions and the simplicity of their view of the way we work.

  • Kossi Assimpah :

    Between 9 and 13 December 2019, the Crédit Agricole head office in Guyancourt took in five middle school students from Collège Paul Cézanne in Mantes-La-Jolie for their observation internship, through the association “Un Stage Et Après”. Our school is part of the reinforced priority education network (REP+) and, as you know, it not easy for our students to find an internship outside their neighbourhood. The warm, friendly and high quality welcome that Crédit Agricole gave to our students during these five days is proof of the group’s real commitment to equal opportunity and the integration of young people.

    Diane Ringeval :

    As an employee of the Group for 6 years now, I’m rather proud to belong to a Group that has a real commitment to our customers, our employees and society at large. These commitments, which are expressed today through our Raison d’Être, now give us a direction: to act every day in the interests of our customers and society.
    How do your students benefit from an internship at Crédit Agricole S.A. ?

  • Kossi Assimpah :

    Our students benefited from a high quality internship, as I can personally confirm, and I thank all the tutors for their commitment. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, our students were able to discover, with great interest, professions in the banking sector such as legal services, marketing, human resources and communications. “I thought banks were only for paying in and taking out money”, said one of our students to us. The real advantage? Two of these students, who had lost all motivation before the internship, regained the will to learn after the internship.

  • Diane Ringeval :

    When LCL asked me if I wanted to take in students, I said yes straightaway! In my opinion, the role of a company is also to open out to our world and develop social links, in particular by taking part in the integration of young people (I’m already a sponsor in for the APELS1 programme). I was therefore very keen to welcome them! More than an in-company immersion, it is also, and above all, a way for them to open themselves up to other horizons that they may not have imagined. The reality within our teams is that no two professional backgrounds are alike.

  • Kossi Assimpah :

    The workplace observation internship is compulsory for final-year middle school students. It is part of the individual career orientation and discovery of the economic and professional world called Parcours Avenir (Pathway for the future). This internship is really useful because it aims to broaden the general civic culture of students by having them discover an environment that is far removed from the school environment. The concrete realities of work breaks down certain prejudices. Lastly, it enables them to discover the hard and soft skills needed to practice certain professions.

  • Diane Ringeval :

     I had no specific expectations for this week. What was important for me was to do all we could to ensure that our interns enjoyed their time with us and went away with good memories of LCL. Beyond guiding them in their first steps in a company, I learnt that this experience taught my team a lot. They impressed me with their questions and the simplicity of their view of the way we work. Their naivety not only challenged us in our daily work, but also gave us new ideas. And that was a good thing!

  • Kossi Assimpah :

    As far as the quality and organisation of the course is concerned, we have no suggestions because everything was perfect for us: I felt from the first day that the arrival and handling of the trainees had been meticulously prepared. The tutors were very enthusiastic and showed a real interest in our students, who really enjoyed coming to the company each day of the internship.
    As far as our school is concerned, my teams and I would like to repeat this experience with more students than this year. We would like to develop a partnership, again with the help of the association “Un Stage Et Après”.

    Diane Ringeval :

    We must continue to translate our raison d’être into action on each of the pillars. The breadth of our professions, backgrounds and histories enables us to create a collective momentum full of diversity and richness. Employees make commitments each day. At LCL, we have launched many initiatives: creation of a partnership with Agence Pour l’Education par Le Sport (APELS), taking in middle school interns from the priority education networks, the LCL Foundation, collaboration with Emmaüs Alternatives to decorate some of our agencies, and many more. There is no shortage of commitments! It is up to us to showcase our involvement in all of these areas in order to ensure that these commitments are extended beyond the Group.

Behind the scenes...

Discover what goes on behind the scenes during the middle school internship week at Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

Your CV

  • Include a tagline that corresponds to your search or to the advertisement. This will enable us to identify your application more quickly so we can read and select it better.
  • Add information about who you are, your commitments, your personality and values, as well as your hobbies and the subjects that you are passionate about. The leisure and hobbies section is essential for us to better understand your personality!
  • Although you have no professional experience, you can highlight other experiences such as a sport you practice, an artistic, historical or musical passion, or even your investment in a subject, an association or a club in your school, or babysitting experience. All the situations where you have had to take responsibility and which can set you apart from other applicants.

Your covering letter

  • This can be useful to enable you to express what you are looking for and to highlight what added value, skills or experience you can bring to us.
  • Pay special attention to your spelling!
  • Adapt your letter to suit the company
  • Explain exactly what you are looking for and show your motivation for the position
  • Describe experiences that are related to the position or demonstrate your ability to work in the position
  • Don’t forget to make good use of the data at your disposal: our advertisement and our website. You can use them to adapt your letter by highlighting your motivation and fleshing out your arguments
  • You can be creative if you are applying for a job that requires creativity, but be careful to stick to the codes so we can easily identify what you are looking for and the advertisement that you are answering
  • You may also use a template but remember to adapt and personalise it
An internship supervisor
An internship supervisor

You will be assigned a supervisor based on your professional objective. This will give you the opportunity to discover a profession and to confirm or disprove your choice of career!

A programme tailored for discovery
A programme tailored for discovery

Our teams have put together a programme for you to discover the company as a whole: tour of the premises, discovery workshops, career days, challenges, etc.