Your work-life balance

For your well-being, we strive to provide you with a work-life balance.
We carry out many actions to help you find the right balance. We also support you in your personal projects and commitments that are consistent with our Group’s societal and environmental commitment.

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Your right to disconnect

The right to disconnect is the right not to be connected to your professional digital tools outside your normal working hours and not to respond to professional requests that may be received during rest periods or holidays. With digital technology (devices such as smartphones and laptops) this balance may be threatened, hence the application since 2019 of an agreement that commits managers and employees to respecting each other’s rest periods and holidays.


The Group and the Social and Economic Committee as facilitator

During you career, you will be entitled to the many benefits proposed by the Group and the Social and Economic Committee. These benefits are aimed at facilitating your work-life balance through support and partnerships, giving you access, for example, to culture and travel, so that you can make the most of your free time…


A pleasant working environment at your disposal

We are convinced that our work organisation methods foster a better work-life balance, while improving individual and collective performance.

We encourage the development of nomadism (distance working, working from home), based on trust and individual responsibility.

Your well-being at work also depends on the facilities that we provide, in order to best respond to the organisation of your work in a pleasant setting with modern, bright offices, relaxation areas, etc. Some organisations offer flexible office spaces aimed at bringing colleagues closer and encouraging sharing, co-construction and mutual assistance.

We have placed a wide range of services at your disposal in most of our locations, such as access to a gym, concierge services, beauty services (hairdresser, massage, etc.) and events. These facilities make it easier for you to access everyday services in your workplace.

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We support you in your societal commitments
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A programme designed specifically for you

Many of you are volunteers for solidarity projects. To support this commitment, we have created the Solidaires programme, a worldwide scheme that promotes and supports your charitable initiatives and caters for your desire for commitment.


Your help is invaluable for the partner associations

By making it easier for our employees to meet with the associations, Solidaires also aims to provide new solutions to the constant and increasing needs of these associations. Although they obtain valuable financial support from sponsorship, they also need your skills and volunteers like you to accomplish their mission.

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Forms of commitment adapted to you

Each one of you will be able to contribute according to the time that you can devote: tutoring, collective missions, pro bono days, etc.

  • Community missions: These are missions that will be proposed by our partner associations in all fields (social and inclusion, sustainable development, international solidarity, culture and heritage, etc.)
  • Solidarity bankers: these are international missions that last between one and several weeks. With the Solidarity bankers programme, you will contribute your skills to partners of the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation (micro-finance institutions and social enterprises) on a specific mission.
  • Pro bono days: for one day, you will be able to use your skills to help and advise an association on an issue related to the development of its activity (consolidation of its project as an association, development of its financial resources, drawing up of a communication strategy, etc.).
  • Collective missions: in a group with other Group employees, you will carry out concrete actions for a partner association: sorting clothes, collecting rubbish, solidarity construction project, etc.
  • Solidarity tutoring: this involves regularly assisting a person whom you listen to, help and advise. For example, thanks to the #STOPILLETTRISME programme, you can become a tutor engaged in a literacy programme.
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We support projects for your association

We will support you in your association’s projects that are of general interest through the Coups de Pouce system. Coups de Pouce propose financial assistance to associations in which you are actively engaged. These grants are reserved for specific projects proposed by the association.

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