When you come and work for us, you will be entitled to certain benefits and preferential services. You will be at the centre of our value creation process, in an increasingly trust-driven environment.

Our reward policy is at the service of our raison d’être to “Work every day in the interests of our customers and society” and our human-centric project, which is aimed at increasing the responsibility of each employee by transforming our management and organisation for a closer relationship.

We have set ourselves the ambitious target of becoming the preferred employer for financial services in France.

Our policy

This is based on six major objectives:

  • Be consistent with the Group’s raison d’être
  • Reinforce the bond of trust
  • Promote and acknowledge responsibility
  • Reward individual and collective performance
  • Align your interests with that of the Group and its shareholders
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory environment in force

Your benefits and services

We are committed to maintaining a good work-life balance. By joining us, you benefit from a diverse range of social benefits:

  • social housing
  • various grants and loans for rented social housing
  • access to day-care centres (network or company day-care centres)
  • recreational centres for children
  • sports activities
  • banking advantages, etc.

Your remuneration

In the Crédit Agricole Group, you will benefit from responsible remuneration that is respectful of all our stakeholders.

We remain true to our mutualist values and strive to reconcile the expectations of our customers, public authorities and shareholders as well as yours, as employees.

Because you, like each and every employee, contribute to the company’s performance, we favour a balanced remuneration package that combines pay and benefits.

Depending on your level of skills and responsibilities, we offer you several remuneration packages, all of which meet short-, medium- and long-term performance objectives:

  • Fixed remuneration
  • Individual variable remuneration
  • Collective variable remuneration
  • Employee shareholding scheme
  • As well as social benefits: supplementary health insurance, death and disability, retirement, etc.

Our remuneration policy is part of a highly regulated framework specific to our sector, corresponding to its three main activities:

  • Credit institution and investment company
  • Asset management company
  • Insurance company

Do you want to join us?