Our advantages

Would you like to work in a stimulating and enriching professional environment?

At IDIA Capital Investissement we apply a responsible employer policy. We support the skills development of our staff by investing in their ongoing training. We offer them a pleasant working environment in a new, eco-designed building and, since 2018, all of our team spend days working from home. We carry out our projects in a collaborative way, encouraging a spirit of initiative and accountability. Every year, we measure the satisfaction of our teams through a survey, in order to identify strong points and areas for improvement.

A Works Council

You will be given a Works Council envelope that will enable you to take a well-earned rest! We contribute to your various cultural and holiday expenses so that you can enjoy them to the full.

Transport expenses

90% reimbursement of transport expenses

Green campus

Based on an innovative approach that combines living and construction, our spaces aim to promote the design and operation of a new type of building that places more emphasis on nature in the city.