Every year, within the Crédit Agricole S.A. group, we welcome young people on their third-year internship to help them come into contact with the world of work for the first time.

The priority education policy aims to correct the impact of social and economic inequalities on young people’s academic success. To this end, a reinforcement of pedagogical and educational action has been put in place in schools facing the greatest social difficulties.
The issues of equal opportunities and guidance arise from a very young age, particularly in middle school, which is why we are committed to welcoming 3ème trainees through two partnerships with structures specialising in the education and integration of young people: “Come and see my job” and “An internship and after”.

To contribute to this inclusive approach, we welcomed 430 middle school students from schools located in priority education areas in 2022.

For these young people, the 3rd year internship gives them the opportunity to discover the economic and professional world of the Group. It also allows them to confront the concrete realities of the work and to clarify their orientation project. On the programme: visits to the premises, discovery workshops, career days, challenges…

But middle school students are not the only ones who get a lot of experience from these internships! For us, it’s an opportunity to showcase our professions and pass on our knowledge.

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