I’m the director of the LCL Paris Cadet agency in the 9th arrondissement. My agency reports to the Paris St Lazare Montmartre Regional Department, which in turn reports to the Greater Paris North and West Network Department, stretching from Paris in the east to Yvelines in the west.

In practical terms, I’m the link between the agency and the various departments and contacts within the group (PACIFICA, PREDICA, CACI, etc.) that we work with. I ensure that a good working atmosphere is maintained within the agency, and lastly I represent the LCL in my district, sometimes taking part in trade association meetings.

How would you describe the position of “job title”?

The first task of an agency director is to ensure that people (customers and staff) and property are protected.

The second task is to support staff to help them grow and enable commercial performance to progress, by steering the business while focusing on the satisfaction of our customers. I’m also a mentor to a work-study trainee, a role I take particularly seriously as I myself was a was a work-study trainee as part of my professional training.

Lastly, the director’s role is one of control and risk management within my agency (approval, verification and ongoing monitoring). The concepts of risk management and compliance are increasingly important in my daily work.


What are the peak periods of your job during the year?

My job is very seasonal. There are two vital periods during the year. First, the first quarter, which launches the commercial year and sets the commercial priorities for LCL. Apart from this commercial aspect, the start of the year is also the time for annual appraisals and professional interviews. Then, the last quarter, which is a quarter of commercial adjustment and is also a time of preparation for the new year. The annual appraisals and professional interviews are also prepared during this quarter.

Can you describe your typical day?

A typical day starts with a group briefing in the morning, to start the day and review our successes from the previous day. Then I talk with each staff member about everyday matters. In this interview we debrief on the interviews from the previous day and the phone sessions. We then prepare the day’s interviews and the outgoing call session of the day.

My colleagues also use the time to submit dossiers to me for checking. Then I conduct a coaching session with an advisor (either during a phone session or during a customer interview). In the afternoon I carry out my checks or administrative tasks, or my customer interviews.


My career path shows that there is no determinism and that my company easily integrates staff from different backgrounds.

What career path is required to reach your position and what are the possibilities for development?

My career path has been somewhat atypical, commencing with a university degree in public administration. I then followed a one-year work-study course, during which I discovered the world of banking and its opportunities. LCL enabled me to enrol on the ITB programme, which is a banking training course focused on management. After getting my diploma, I was appointed Deputy Agency Director before taking over sole management of an agency. My career path shows that there is no determinism and that my company easily integrates staff from different backgrounds.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up a similar position?

Gain a good knowledge of the banking world and keep informed about regulatory changes. With regard to relationships with colleagues, you have to be both demanding and kind. A good sales person doesn’t always make a good manager.

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