For the third consecutive year, we are the preferred financial services company in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for students and recent graduates. We have gained 3 places in the overall ranking of the largest companies in the CAC 40 and CAC ESG (Universum 2023 in France*).

This distinction highlights the commitments made by our Group in the framework of the Societal Project and the Human-centric Project, and in particular our strengths: equity and diversity through our Diversity Policy as well as training, support and employment of young people with our Youth Plan.

This recognition contributes to strengthening our position as the preferred, responsible financial services’ employer in France, and more specifically with young people. > Click here to learn more about these commitments.

* Every year, Universum measures employer notoriety and attractiveness. For the CSR study, students and young workers from universities and colleges answered a survey from September to October 2023 on their company preferences in terms of CSR commitments as part of their job search, and on the most committed employers among the 61 largest companies in France (CAC40 and CAC ESG).

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