I’ve been with the Group (LCL and SILCA) for 25 years. I got this job when it was created as part of Assurance 2020. I have spent my entire career in IT, and my experience of transformation, large project management, organisation, studies and processes, etc. meant that I quickly felt at home in this position. This cross-disciplinary role (PEEPS programme) has enabled me to learn about every aspect of insurance and the realities on the ground, which is valuable knowledge in the context of transformation, with my eight internal colleagues.

From a career point of view, I have always been able to adapt according to my development aims. I love challenges, reassessing situations and complex environments. At Silca, which was predominantly male, I was able to move forward some very sensitive projects.

How would you describe the position of Operational Excellence Service Manager?

I’m in charge of the business programme to disseminate continuous improvement and management by processes: supporting change, managers, the dissemination of improvement tools and guidance. This involves examining the activities of the various departments (frustrations, malfunctions, operational issues, problem solving, operational quality, customer satisfaction, etc.), favouring collective intelligence. For this approach, you have to be able to establish trust and be empathetic, very human and a bit assertive. It’s easier if you have experience and you like people.


What are the peak periods of your job during the year?

Because my activity is mainly project-based, its pace can be effectively managed while adapting to the teams that are being supported


What career path is required to reach your position and what are the possibilities for development?

My career path: lots of projects involving jobs, business lines, transformation and organisation. My cross-disciplinary IT experience and experience of establishing processes has been very helpful. I like carrying out transformation projects because the challenge doesn’t scare me. I feel less operational pressure than in IT production, but it takes a lot of energy and assertiveness to win other people over and get them on board.

I would encourage them to believe in themselves, have faith and particularly to be bold.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up a similar position?

I really wanted a position in organisation. I feel as if the structure of my career led naturally to this position. I feel very at home. I would encourage them to believe in themselves, have faith and particularly to be bold.


How do you see the company’s progress in terms of diversity?

I come from a very male-dominated world, where, paradoxically, women were valued. Here, there should be more women on the Management Committee. Is the company being proactive enough?

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