After completing the post-graduate programme at Neoma Business School, I began my career at EY in audit and then in Transaction Services, for a period of four years.

I joined SODICA Corporate Finance as an M&A Analyst in September 2019. I am part of the front office teams of SODICA Corporate Finance in charge of deal execution.

How would you describe the position of M&A Analyst?

As an M&A Analyst, I am part of the teams executing buy/sell/fundraising mandates from our customers.
In practice, this means I participate in the creation of the material used to market dossiers to targeted investment funds and industrial buyers, in the financial modelling of the operations, and more generally in the successful execution of the project assigned by the customer.

Another aspect of my work is supporting the Business Managers in their commercial prospecting process with Crédit Agricole Group networks and customers.


What are the peak periods of your job during the year?

Mid-cap M&A allows you to make rapid contact with company executives and shareholders. In my opinion, the key periods are discussions with customers, which enable us to understand the executive’s project and define the strategy to achieve it.

In terms of the pace of work, the marketing phase of a dossier is quite intense, as we have to respond to requests from the potential buyers contacted.
In a transaction, the pace accelerates as you approach closing. The adrenaline is strongest at these times, as a sales process typically takes 6 to 12 months.

Can you describe your typical day?

The good thing about M&A is that there isn’t really a typical day. The transaction process never quite goes as planned, you never really know what might happen when you arrive at the office in the morning.
The atmosphere at SODICA Corporate Finance is good, the execution teams are young, we help each other because there’s always someone who has worked in the same industry as us, so we exchange information.

Outside of working hours, we take the time to get some fresh air and we often play sports at lunchtime with colleagues, which creates fun moments outside of the workplace.


What career path is required to reach your position and what are the possibilities for development?

Historically at SODICA Corporate Finance, juniors on permanent contracts were recruited from former interns. I was one of the first external recruitments to a junior position, as I come from EY, where I spent four years.
To occupy a position in M&A, of course you need a background in finance, but previous experience in “technical” professions such as audit and TS is a real plus in my opinion.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up a similar position?

Finance isn’t just about Capital IQ and Infront. In mid-cap, you have to be able to read a general balance sheet and discuss things with a financial director. You therefore need a solid financial background.

At SODICA Corporate Finance, there is a benevolent company culture between the various management levels. Staff are judged on the quality of their work, not on how often they stay late at the office. This might seem fairly normal, but in the sometimes “old school” environment of M&A, you could say that SODICA Corporate Finance has a modern approach to the job. And it works! We regularly top the M&A league tables.

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