The Risks and Compliance Officer reports directly to the Compliance and Internal Control Manager of IDIA Capital Investissement. The Risks and Compliance team is independent and involved in all matters related to the management of risk (financial, operational, etc.) and the management of matters related to compliance and permanent control. The team reports directly to the company’s Chief Executive Officer and General Management of the Crédit Agricole Group.

How would you describe the position of Risks and Compliance Officer?

At IDIA Capital Investissement, the tasks of a Risks and Compliance Officer are:
– to ensure compliance with the entity’s risk strategy and the investment policies adopted for each investment vehicle managed and advised
– to take part in the measurement, management and monitoring of risks to which the company and investment vehicles are exposed or likely to be exposed
– to analyse the risks related to the customers, products and activities of the entity
– to analyse private equity dossiers and write risk opinions prior to decision making
– to set up the internal control system
– to disseminate the compliance culture among employees
– to carry out continuous improvement projects for standards, methods and compliance tools

Can you describe a typical day for us?

Every day is different. You have to be able to juggle carrying out a control, preparing material for a committee, and writing risk opinions and requests for help to complete a KYC.
I’m in regular contact with all the portfolio management company’s functions: front office, middle office, finance, HR, IT, legal and communications. In addition, we are always in contact with the General Management of the Crédit Agricole Group.

What are the peak periods of your job during the year?

The role is structured according to deadlines for reporting to the Group or to the regulator. Reports are made on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly and annual basis. In addition, every two weeks, I have to draft risk opinions on new investment dossiers.

What career path is required to reach your position and what are the possibilities for development?

None. You have to be curious and love figures as well as procedures, and be keen to learn a range of different subjects. You need to be well-organised and good at meeting deadlines.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of taking up a similar position?

The role of Risks and Compliance Officer at IDIA Capital Investissement provides knowledge of the private equity sector and how a management company operates. It provides a 360° overview, which is perfect for anyone wanting to start a career in this sector.
There are many development opportunities: another job within the entity, within the Group in the risk/compliance functions, or within a regulator or an audit/consultancy firm.

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