Audit Supervisor

Publiée le 12/02/2021

  • NEW YORK - Etats-Unis d'Amérique
  • Inspection / Audit

Description du poste

Audit Supervisor oversees several audit assignments including: a preliminary assessment of the audited activity, tests, analysis, and controls planned. She/He is responsible to review debriefing presentations to management and the final report. She/he is also responsible for monitoring the proper application of the recommended corrective actions. She/he coordinates several teams and should also be able to perform autonomously some audits.
Audit Supervisor assists the Head of Audit in the management of the team and organization of audit work (multi-annual audit plan definition, staff allocation, trainings, improvement of audit standards, etc.), in the continuous monitoring of risks throughout the Bank (attendance to committees, regulatory surveillance) and in the reporting to Head-Office

Key Responsibilities
- Review, revise or develop an internal audit strategy that appropriately considers the relevant and evolving risks facing activities within the assigned audit perimeter.
- Participate in audit scheduling to ensure that all areas within the assigned audit perimeter are reviewed on an adequate schedule commensurate with risk, adjusting as necessary for changes (e.g., new products, activities, systems, etc.), impacting the assessed risk.
- Execute the audit plan in a manner that efficiently utilizes resources and effectively achieves established target dates and budgets.
- Oversee the planning, execution and reporting of individual audit assignments to ensure appropriate quality and adherence to applicable standards.
- Ensure audit reports are prepared in accordance with department standards, synthesize findings into balanced conclusions, and highlight key deficiencies, implications and recommended improvements.
- Participate in audit fieldwork when necessary to ensure appropriate quality or achieve established target dates.
- Ensure the professional competence and continuing professional development of assigned staff by:
- Providing regular and constructive feedback on performance, offering guidance and goals for further development motivating poor performers to improve and effective performers to continue or enhance performance;
- Guiding and coaching in the development of the audit work product;
- Identifying knowledge & skills gaps, developing training proposals and other solutions to address identified needs; and
- Participate in recruiting efforts, assessing the suitability of candidates for roles within the department.
- Develop and maintain cooperative and productive relationships between the audit team and management of the assigned audit perimeter.
-Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the appropriate level of management within the assigned audit perimeter as to the conduct of audit activities, control issues affecting their areas of responsibility, the status of outstanding control issues and changes in the activity, with the Chief Auditor, the relationship with bank regulatory examiners.

    • Niveau d'étude minimum
    • Bac + 3 / L3
    • Formation / Spécialisation
    • Post baccalaureate degree

      Educational focus in accounting, finance or related field of study; industry recognized certification preferred (CPA, CIA, CISA).

      10 to 15 years of experience in audit, at least 2 of which should involve managerial responsibilities in an audit group (lead auditor, audit manager, Head of audit).
      10 years of experience in a comparable financial services environment at least 5 of which should involve auditing or risk management activities;
    • Niveau d'expérience minimum
    • 11 ans et plus
    • Soft skills
    • Special Role Requirements:
      - Internal Auditor shall have full, free and unrestricted access to any and all the organization's records, physical properties and personnel relevant to any function under review.
      - Internal Auditors shall have no direct operational responsibility or authority over any of the activities under review. They shall not develop systems or procedures, prepare records or engage in any activity, which belongs to the auditable perimeter.

      Ability to communicate clearly and easily, including in writing
      Ability to analyse and summarise
      Rigour and sense of organisation
      Apprehension of results and priorities
      Knowledge and understanding of the risks generated by banking / securities activities
      Management skills

      Relationship management/Commercial sense
      Capacity to cooperate/Ability to work across disciplines
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Crédit Agricole CIB
Crédit Agricole CIB

Crédit Agricole CIB

Audit Supervisor

Publiée le 12/02/2021

  • NEW YORK - Etats-Unis d'Amérique
  • Inspection / Audit
  • 2021-54246

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