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The Service Lead is mainly focusing on ensuring the team is respecting the governance put in place with the client and that the level of service delivered to the client is as expected. He must have an excellent macro view of CA-CIB information system and good technical skills to be able to help during major incident resolution as well as promote and contribute to Continuous Improvement

He’s based in Singapore but works according to Paris windows of service, under the Service manager of his business line.

Main responsibilities

The Service Lead is accountable for:

•          Performing all run activities in respect of CA-CIB process, ensuring:

–         The team respects the SLA (changes, incidents, requests)

–         Appropriate reaction, in line with the severity of an incident or escalation.

–         ITS ITIL process is dully followed (change, incident, problem management).

•          Handling escalation on actions from Production Engineers Level 3 (incident, request, change)

–         Escalates to management if needed

–         Check if Knowledge was shared within the team and perform filed sessions.

–         Enable coordination with other team (AS, Infra, Network, Build….)

–         Create PSS post major incident and when improvement topic requires it

•          Continuous improvement of service provided by Production Engineer L2 / L3

–         Enable and encourage Improvement spirit within the team by being a role model on that topics

–         Ensure the team has proper time slots to make the ongoing improvement

–         Promote automation / Innovation

•          Managing knowledge in coordination with AS community in Paris and London

–         Trains Production Engineers on transferred activities for his business line (production of the applications)

–         Proactively liaise with third party teams to bring trainings, documents, sharing session with ‘his’ own team.

–         Controls that Knowledge database is regularly updated

•          Driving the most complex operations & ensures they are well prepared by Production Engineers (involvement on DRP test, WIP, major incidents etc…).

–         Act as global coordinator during DRP / WIP / main events.

–         Review of major releases roadmaps with the team

–         Ensure post checks are documented, performed and report is shared

By delegation from the Service manager:

•          Controls quality of the RUN activities for all applications of his Business Line

–         Recurrent incident

–         Respect of SLA

–         Reports / Documentations are built with high quality

•          Role model in term of mindset: CI and proactive enhancement

•          Proposes initiatives to improve efficiency of production Engineer L2 and ensure a continuous ‘up skilling’ of L2

•          Respect priorities and short/long term tasks given by Service Manager.

•          Regular feedback with Service Manager are key role.


    • Niveau d'étude minimum
    • Bac + 3 / L3
    • Formation / Spécialisation
    • Related education certificate
      • Infrastructure or Application support hands on experience of 4-6 years' mandatory

      Working Hours and Shift Organization

      • Service Lead is expected to work in shifted time to be able to be onsite at the time its clients (in Paris generally) are working. Expected timings would be 2pm to 11pm Sgp time
      • Few times a year, Service Lead will be required to coordinate major events (DRP or other) on site during weekends.
      • Service Lead might be escalated during non-office hours on his professional / personal phone.
    • Niveau d'expérience minimum
    • 3 - 5 ans
    • Soft skills
    • • Strong leadership abilities with ability to do efficient multitasking
      • Clear Verbal and writing Communication skills at multiple levels in an international context and should be able to follow organization process
      • Client Oriented with Strong Relationship management.
      • Ability to work simultaneously with different profiles (technical/functional, medium/top management, etc.)
      • Coordination and decision taking capabilities during crisis situations.
      • Ability to work under pressure
    • Outils informatiques
    • • IT Literacy: Knowledge of IT Ecosystem & Operations Background with experience in IT for Capital Market and Corporate Banking to the extent of knowing Front office to back office application flow
      • Understanding of transversal technologies (SAN, Unix, Windows, Network, DBA, scheduler, MQ, Ctrlm)
      • Technologies and/or Applications background with ability to grasp impact and interdependencies
    • Langues
    • English
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Service Lead - Application Services

Publiée le 19/02/2021

  • Singapour - Singapour
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